Integrated Marketing Ottawa | Daily Update — December 3, 2021

Tips For Companies Seeking To Grow Revenues Through Account-Based Marketing

Account-based selling has been around forever, with B2B businesses focusing their sales efforts on specific, existing accounts to generate recurring revenue. Full Story: Forbes

How to Align Product, Marketing and Sales Goals

Tech companies often face challenges when specific departments are not getting what they want. Full Story: Entrepreneur

A guide to B2B holiday marketing strategies

Is there anyone that doesn’t love the holiday season? We know that it is full of gifts and special discounts. Full Story: Travel Daily News

Why the right product positioning is critical to successful marketing programs

April Dunford knows a lot about positioning from a career that has involved leading teams at big name tech firms such as IBM, Siebel and Sybase, as well as a number of start-ups. Full Story: Diginomica

Enterprise Marketing Best Practices for 2022

By definition, enterprise businesses looking to retain their existing customer bases while generating new leads need to use different marketing strategies than smaller companies. Full Story: Business 2 Community

3 Tips to Innovate Your B2B Marketing

New channels? New strategies? Trying new things out in a B2B marketing strategy does come with certain risks, but often, is worth it. Full Story: Business 2 Community

Affiliate Marketing Is Still Strong in 2021

Affiliate marketing has been around for quite a while, and businesses are starting to appreciate its benefits more and more. Full Story: Tech Guide

5 Ways to Boost Sales with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience and get more sales. Full Story: Business 2 Community

Why Video Needs to Be Part of Your Social Media Strategy

When it comes to social media content, video is one of the fastest ways to build your thought leadership and outperforms any other medium when it comes to trust and likability. Full Story: National Law Review

Step Up Your Social Media and Blogging Strategy with These Expert Tips

Social media and blogging are two powerful options for communicating with customers. There’s a good chance your business already uses one or both of these strategies. Full Story: Small Business Trends Business Activity Makes My Building Unsafe. What Can I Do?

How To Convert Conversations Into Leads On Social Media

Social media has never been a hotter avenue for marketers to venture down than it is today. Full Story: Forbes

3 tactics to improve CTAs for increased relevance and conversions

CTAs shouldn’t be an afterthought. Including them in your on-page optimizations can help strengthen your user journey and signal relevance to search engines. Full Story: Search Engine Land

Why Website Speed Matters

It’s Friday night, it’s been one of those weeks! You’re determined to shake it off for the weekend so you and your significant other go out to your favorite restaurant for dinner. Full Story: Business 2 Community

Keyword Stuffing Can Kill Your SEO: Here’s How to Avoid it

Your website depends on SEO, especially when trying to have your website rank for specific keywords. Full Story: London Post

Fresh Content As A Google Ranking Factor: What You Need to Know

Does Google consider content freshness as a ranking factor as it compares your content against others to find the best answer for searchers? Full Story: Search Engine Journal

6 important tips for holiday season mobile marketing

The holiday season presents an abundance of opportunity for mobile marketers. And that’s truer now than ever. Full Story: The Drum

3 things consumers want from retailers

Consumers want more than general loyalty programs, enjoy shopping at one-stop destinations and love brands that offer an easy return process. Full Story: Retail Customer Experience

16 Essential Considerations For An Effective Business Mobile App

The increasing ubiquity and use of smartphones provide businesses today with a unique opportunity: Full Story: Forbes

How to grow your small business with a mobile app

If you’re a business owner, a mobile app has probably crossed your mind at some point. Full Story: The Salt Lake Tribune

5 Different Types of Digital Signage

Five types of digital signage and how they can be used. Learn how businesses are using digital signage to attract customers and increase sales. Full Story: Onrec

5 reasons why your business needs digital signage

Nobody can deny the impact technology has had on business operations across the globe. Full Story: Augusta Free Press

3 Email Specifics Marketing Grads Should Be Aware Of

If you want to start sending out email newsletters, you should be aware of the three most important secrets of email newsletter services. Full Story: The Franchise Hound

How to clean CRM data to improve efficiency and productivity

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database contains every bit of insight and data you collect on your customer relationship program. Full Story: VentureBeat

The Latest E-Commerce Trend: What You Need To Know About Social Commerce

As e-commerce businesses globally are getting ready for the holiday season, one trend is shaking up the online shopping scene. Full Story: Forbes

Structuring Google Ads Campaigns for Success

Google Ads has implemented many changes this year. Most involve more automation. Google has streamlined the setup for how keyword match types trigger ads. Full Story: Practical Ecommerce

Tips When Including PR In Your Marketing Budget

During the pandemic, many businesses facing uncertainty came to me and asked, “Should PR be included in my marketing budget now that all events are on hold?” Full Story: Forbes

8 Key Performance Indicators for PR — What Really Matters?

There’s no gold standard for tracking and measuring PR success, but these KPIs can paint a clearer picture of a campaign’s results. Full Story: Entrepreneur

How To Earn Consumer Trust With Your Market Research

In 2019, a Pew Research Center survey found that nearly 80% of U.S. adults were “somewhat” or “very” concerned about how companies used their personal digital data. Full Story: Forbes

Is Social Media Enough — Does My Business Need A Website In 2022?

Through strategic web design and web development, businesses can craft a website that … while an inexperienced website development team ensures that all… Full Story: Scoop NZ

AI Tools That Are Changing The Game for Small Business Owners

Small business owners regularly make the following mistake. Full Story:

10 Intelligent Automation Strategies for Business Growth in 2022

Intelligent automation will accelerate operations across all business platforms in 2022. Full Story: Analytics Insight

Top 7 Artificial Intelligence Trends In 2022

If we look at the last couple of years, we have seen a significant leap in the way Artificial Intelligence is becoming an integral part of many organizations’ business plans. Full Story: Tech Guide

Three Strategies For Improving Your Marketing Analytics

Data has become both a blessing and a curse for marketers. Full Story: Forbes

Elevate Your App Campaign Game with Marketing Analytics

Mobile marketing goes hand in hand with data analysis. Full Story: Analytics Insight

What I Learned from Growing a Brand in a Pandemic with a Nearly No Marketing Budget

Paying too much for marketing can cripple your startup before it starts. Full Story: Entrepreneur

The top 5 brand TikToks you need to know about

Ad Age’s ranking of the best brand TikToks from the past month. Full Story: Ad Age

Alexa Routines Add Motion and Sounds to Activation Options

Alexa Routines can now activate when a device detects movement or the sound of running water or a beeping appliance, instead of a verbal phrase. Full Story:

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We are an innovative marketing company that delivers complete & cost-effective solutions in Ottawa! #MarketingInOttawa #OttawaMarketing #OttawaBusiness

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Integrated Marketing Ottawa

Integrated Marketing Ottawa

We are an innovative marketing company that delivers complete & cost-effective solutions in Ottawa! #MarketingInOttawa #OttawaMarketing #OttawaBusiness

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